Padded Dog Harness

The Browning Padded Dog Harness is constructed with rugged polyester webbing straps, making it highly durable for all of your dog's activities. A locking buckle provides a secure closure, ensuring this harness won't unfasten on its own. The reflective stitching feature makes this harness perfect for use in low-light conditions, ensuring your dog stays visible and safe. Fully adjustable straps provide both versatility and comfort, while 3mm neoprene pads provide warmth and protect against irritation. This harness allows for top, front or dual lead attachment options, preventing collar pressure on your dog's windpipe and encouraging proper leash behavior. This Browning harness is nothing short of The Best There Is with rugged webbing, neoprene padding, and premium outdoor style. Our Browning dog harness comes in sizes small, medium and large. To find the right size, measure shoulder to shoulder across the chest for the front strap measurement and reference the weight range indicated.