Men's Redwood Socks

These Browning hunting socks feature a performance design, with toe-to-top spandex and a boot-cut fit. Soft, warm merino wool naturally transfers moisture away from the skin, providing temperature regulation and odor control for in-field performance. Our Browning hunting socks feature a full-cushioning design for shock absorption and a high level of comfort in the field. Combined with a slip-free design, a smooth toe seam, and arch support, these Browning socks will keep you going, dawn until dusk. Expertly crafted with homegrown quality in both design and construction, these Browning wool-blend socks won’t disappoint. Show your local pride and support for USA made socks with our men’s socks. Our size large mens socks fit mens boot sizes 8 - 12. Official Browning® product guarantees unsurpassed quality and an unwavering commitment to being The Best There Is. These genuine Browning boot socks set the bar high with high quality materials, innovative design, and premium outdoor style.