July 02, 2017


It’s springtime, which means the turkeys are gobbling and we’re stuffing our freezers with self-harvested all natural meat. We ventured to Anselmo, NE to fan for turkeys, which is belly crawling with decoys on closed, private land. The Roost Lodge was kind enough to host our staff, accompanied by our great friends at Outdoor Life, NWTF, and Game and Fish Publications.

Day 1, we were greeted by our guides that gave us a tour, served us dinner and didn’t eat much due to their “no carb” diet, what?! In hunting camp?! This fact was accompanied by several questions and, of course, a lot of good natured teasing.

Day 2, intermittent rain, which means very few turkeys. However, that didn’t stop a couple of people from tagging out.

Day 3, a warm, beautiful day with gobbling birds doing their spring thing.

Day 4, have no fear, we were all able to accomplish our two-bird limit.

The four-day adventure was nothing short of entertaining with the right mix of friends and just enough targets to keep us working. It certainly is a trip we’re already looking forward to again next spring.