Best Bet for Hunting Boots

October 24, 2017

Arguably one of the most important aspects of planning a hike or a hunt is deciding what type of shoes or boots you will wear. The wrong pair of boots or shoes can mean an early end to your outdoor adventure, and the right pair can also make the difference in the success of your hunt or hike. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options when it comes to outdoor footwear, but how do you ever decide which ones to choose?

Browning Lifestyle offers a  variety of shoes and boots for all outdoor activities, and here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect option for you.


If you’re an avid hiker, you won’t get very far in a pair of heavy, high-ankle hunting boots. A good pair of trail shoes are low-cut and lightweight, with plenty of traction. Browning makes a variety of  trail shoes for women and men to handle any terrain you may encounter.

As you shop for the perfect pair of trail shoes, look for mesh in the construction to ensure breathability and a durable insole for longevity. Days on the trail require additional underfoot protection because of the uncertain footing and obstacles, so make sure the outsole is thick yet flexible to ensure superior protection.


Consider the weather and your terrain when comparing hiking boots to purchase. If you’re hiking primarily in the winter, you’ll want to check that your hiking boots are insulated to keep your feet warm. You can find boots with both high and low-ankle options, and this choice should also be made with the elements and terrain in mind.

Hiking boots with a durable upper section with ankle support are a good choice for hiking in colder weather, especially when snow is on the ground, to keep out any moisture and aid in stability. Underfoot protection is important with hiking boots for protection from snakes, rocks, sharp roots, or other obstacles. Boots with leather in the construction are usually suitable for wet and cold conditions, as they are heavier and more durable.

You can also purchase low-ankle, Browning uninsulated hiking shoes for summer hikes. These are generally heavier and sturdier than trail runners, but allow for more sure footing and better underfoot protection.

Hunting Boots

Choose hunting boots with special consideration for the conditions, as many people spend several days or even weeks in the wilderness and must be adequately prepared. For those hunting deer, elk, or other game traditionally hunted in the winter, the best hunting boots are waterproof, but will also wick water away from your socks to ensure breathability. OutDry is a synthetic material used in several styles of  outdoor hunting boots for men or women, and is a great choice of material for a waterproof yet breathable boot.

If you hunt boar or other game hunted during the summer or warmer weather, look for a boot constructed with material that is breathable and non-insulated. Hunting boots with a higher ankle upper are optimal for packing heavy loads to give you extra support and stability, and also to keep out water and debris.

As you determine which shoe and boot option is best for you, keep in mind of what you will be using them for to ensure you get the right shoe for your needs.

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